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The 4 stages of Dean being drunk. Enjoy them you little shits.

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.
This is important. This is an important moment in your life. Drink it in.
I bought this in Berlin. I genuinely like this hat. Also its the warmest fucking thing I’ve ever worn.

Zoo animals. In person that monkey really looked a little bit like an alcoholic contemplating its life at a bar.

Travels in Berlin

It’s time to do the first picture dump, it might wind up being two or so posts. Pictures of animals from the zoo. Enjoy.

I leave very early in the morning so this is my last post actually from Germany. When I get home I will do a couple picture dumps from the zoo and museum that I went to. Until then, that’s a ladybug that flew into my room, and the view out the window at night.

This Ladymonster came to visit me in Berlin which is why I haven’t made any posts the last few days. Its all her fault.


I flew to Berlin to meet this super pretty man.

This whole situation happened.

I didn’t do anything particularly exciting today or yesterday. But it rained today and that’s what I wore. Also that’s a terrible bear that I drew and then colored for my niece.

First picture taken on my German vacation. Taken yesterday in the Frankfurt airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Berlin. It was a very tiring day.

Thoughts (Part 1)

There are exquisite people in the world, more than we acknowledge. People who are exquisitely smart, decent, or kind. Exquisitely loving, beautiful, or thoughtful. Exquisitely caring, giving, or forgiving. Exquisitely generous, happy, or courteous. Exquisitely sexual, pensive, or helpful.

Find these people, they aren’t as rare as you might think. Hold on to these people. Life can be pretty grand sometimes, let it be. Life can also suck a whole lot sometimes, so find the people who will wade through the muck with you and hang on tight. Stay positive friends.

A photoset of my animals. Miss Kitty, Rosie, Buddy, Silver, and Jasmine.

Tumblr Thoughts (Part 8)

Sometimes I want to start reblogging porn until people I don’t like stop following me. I’m not so sure that’s a solid plan.